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Local SEO

Search Engine Optimization is the method used to make a website “searchable,” or accessible to major search engines. It consists of good writing and good architecture. Large search engines like Google and Bing use formulas and algorithms to assess the legitimacy of a website, and as they do this, they also gather information about the site to file away in their huge catalog of sites. When someone performs a search, the engine refers back to the catalog to locate the most relevant and legitimate sites. What good is an attractive, user-friendly website if it’s lost in the maze of the Internet? DPS uses SEO to clears a path for the consumer to your front door. We have a number of SEO-related products to help your brand climb the ranks of search engine results, become visible on social networks, and enhance the accuracy of online listings. Don’t hesitate to shoot us an e-mail or give a call, and we’ll figure out which product is best for you. Local 1: This service refers to your business’ listing information: name, address, phone number. This basic info is called the “anchor data.” When you purchase Local 1, DPS distributes your anchor data to the key underlying databases that provide listings to major search platforms. This includes InfoUSA’s Express Update, Acxiom, and Dun & Bradstreet . These three databases are the most trustworthy on the Internet, and all major search engines (Google, Bing, etc.) pull information from these sources. The listing we supply is first verified for consistency, and will be “enhanced,” which means it includes your website address, services and products you offer, photos, etc. This method is at the base of all our packages and provides the broadest available syndication. Local 2: With Local 2, we flag your verified listing as a “trusted source” in InfoUSA’s Express Update service. The Local 2 package also includes a webcard displaying your online profile. A “webcard” is like a text message that sends your contact info to a mobile phone, designed to promote your contact points on web and mobile services. In addition, the Local 2 package includes a Google Places page, a Facebook Fan page, a Yahoo! page, Bing, Twitter, Foursquare, etc. On each of these, we “claim” your listing and send you the password to these pages. That way, you can add, edit, or delete information as you please. What it boils down to is... Local 1 provides one enhanced listing to trusted databases that provide information to major search engines. Local 2 includes Local 1, in addition to creating profile pages on high-traffic websites to increase awareness of your business.