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57 Nicholas Ct
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57 Nicholas Ct
Ormond Beach FL
Ormond Beach
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Our focus is to help you make the best decisions for you, prepare and explain the appropriate documents and discuss how to follow up. We all know how important "preventive maintenance" is for our homes, cars, appliances, and especially our bodies (the most important machine we own!). Have you ever thought about preventative maintenance for your legal affairs? The emotional and financial costs of guardianships, business disputes, real estate deals "gone bad," probate, etc. can sap your energies, destroy your peace of mind and ruin what you've worked a lifetime to build. Yet these situations are largely avoidable. With more than 30 years experience in estates, guardianships, real estate and business matters, I use that experience to focus on legal planning to help clients avoid the primary legal hurdles that face families: formal guardianships due to incompetency, probate upon death, and prolonged litigation on business break-ups. I provide advice to clients on asset protection generally and on Medicaid eligibility particularly. The best way to maintain as much of your wealth as possible is by good legal planning, whether it involves your business, estate or health care. Don't think your estate is not large enough to require planning; it is more important to conserve smaller estates and businesses. It is truly a gift of love to your family and friends. Taking care of your legal matters shouldn't be stressful and uncomfortable. You should have the opportunity to thoroughly understand your options, ask questions, discuss alternatives and minimize your costs. My staff and I work hard to make sure you have all the information you need so you can make the best decisions for you, your business and your family. Good planning anticipates potential problems, addresses them, and allows for adjustments to new circumstances.


  • Locally Owned & Operated


  • * Designations of Health Care Surrogates avoid health care problems and guardianship.
  • * Asset preservation and carefully arranging your finances avoid probate and make you eligible for government benefits.
  • * Prior planning avoids business transition crises
  • * Addressing real estate ownership options and long-term goals protect your estate and appreciated assets
  • *Planning gifts, bequests and support arrangements establish your legacy for minors and heirs


  • Elder Law Health Care Estate Planning Wills and Trusts Probate Medicaid Real Estate Guardianship Business Planning Asset Protection

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  • Monday - Friday 9-5

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